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Cowboy Up!

Brun 2.jpg

This quaint country home needed a makeover. Colors were chosen to match the future equestrian event center planned for the back 8 acres. 


Of course, we painted the mother-in-law's quarters to match the rest of the property motif. 

Brun 1.jpg
Brun 4.jpg

This is not the outhouse! This is the pump house; and of course we didn't want him to feel left out. So we included brown gable accents and trim to match the rest of the property. 

Accent Wall


"Here is a rather non-descript wall that just sort of blended in with the rest of the house, which consisted of rather generic off-white wall throughout. This vibrant naval blue accent color gave the wall life, vitality, and pop. It took the owner quite awhile to work up the courage, but she got exactly the feel and look she was hoping for."